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Synthesize Text with Vocal IA

We make to text to speech conversion easier and fun

VocalIA was born from a simple observation: text-to-speech translation technologies are developing. Thanks to artificial intelligence, they are reaching levels of quality that open up new opportunities. The use of these voices reduces production costs and opens up new possibilities for personalization that can build loyalty, inform, convince and even increase customer conversion rates.

However, until now the use of these services was not very accessible, either reserved for coders or linked to applications in English, difficult to use.

Our mission at Vocal IA is to make the voices offered by the best AI services for neural voice synthesis accessible simply and without a single line of code!

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Voiceover production is easires and faster with us

Enjoy full flexibility of text to speech synthesize tasks

Standard & Neural Voices

Choose from a set of 746+ voices across 129+ languages and dialects, including Mandarin, Hindi, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, and more. Pick the voice that works best for your user and application.

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Multiple Voice Effects

Customize your speech with SSML tags that allow you to add various voice effects such as newscaster and conversational styles, and pauses, numbers, date and time formatting, mute words and phrases, and other pronunciation instructions.

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Various Payment Options

We support flexible payment options, you can use your favourit Stripe or Paypal payment gateways, and also subscribe for our monthly plans to have available credits all the time, plus you can always top up with addtional credits if needed.

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