Project Description

Information kiosks provide useful data to the user in different situations. Its main feature is the ease of use, in which people with little or no technological knowledge can use them. One way of facilitating the relationship between the user and the kiosk is the multimodal interaction. The VTA project presents the development of a Virtual Tourism Agent, susceptible to be marketed in the format of multimodal tourist information kiosk, which provides services of tourism information in public places: points of tourist information, tourist offices and hotel`s lobbies… The Virtual Tourism Agent, multi-modal and interactive, will be a step ahead from the current systems in relation to the human-computer interaction, by introducing the following innovative features:
  • Automatic speech recognition: initially in Spanish and English, expandable to any language because the recognition engine design
  • Gesture recognition: allowing selection by gesture recognition of elements of the environment and the different options of the information post.
  • Interaction with virtual agent in natural language: in an narrow semantic environment and in the universe of the information database available to the user.
The core of the system will be a multimodal cloud platform, to which the kiosks will access via the internet, providing services in a more simple, reliable and cost-effective way than traditional embedded systems (facilitating further extensions of the service to other customers with independent of the operating system, platform, or location and introducing the concept of software as a service).