Project Description

N-teract. Revolutionizing human-like machine perception

As ICT ecosystem becomes increasingly intelligent and interactive, human interfaces such as voice, image and gesture are emerging to meet the growing consumer demand for faster and more engaging access to information.

Vocalia, a cutting edge company in this area, advocates for a new and disruptive technology that enables the natural and easy interaction between humans and machines.

In this line, Vocalia Technologies developed N-teract, a cost-effective multimodular and multilingual platform in the cloud able to analyse, understand and interact with the user in a natural way, which other companies can easily integrate with the products and services of their clients.

N-teract meets the following characteristics:
  • Multilingual/multimodal/multiplatform intelligent interfaces for a seamless and efficient use of smart devices and services
  • Easy to integrate by third parties for multiple kinds of products and services
  • Easy to use, self-serviceable and scalable on demand thanks to our secured modular platform on the cloud
  • Increased security for highly sensitive applications by replicating our cloud in the client side
  • State-of-the-art technology thanks to the continuous technology transfer from research institutions


Available in the cloud oriented to improve the productivity by means of speed up drafting documents, automates workflows, managing e-mails… As Dict2me, which operates both in medical and the legal market.
Ad hoc projects for medium/big companies, which introduce voice as interface in working places, changing to digital the business processes.
A multimodal kiosk of tourism information, the Virtual Tourism Agent project.
Based on VoIP to transmit the audio, video support is now developing to implement multimodal interaction with call centers (emotions and facial expressions detection).
Provided interactive agents supporting text phones for people with hearing impairment and recognition/text to speech in the Spanish sign language.
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Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad
“N-TERACT SME-2015-0689. El proyecto ha sido financiado por el Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad, de acuerdo a lo previsto en el artículo 30 de la Resolución de 9 de julio de 2015.”

N-teract platform provides several functions based on our industrial collaboration which ones are outlined below:

Dict2me -diferente tamaño


Voice dictation service available in the cloud oriented to improve the productivity.

Agente Virtual

Virtual Agent

Online conversations with customers.

online translation

Online translation

Instantaneous online translation in several languages.



For use in mobile payment, desktop applications and other security applications.