July 2015

N-teract: New project coming up!

Revolutionizing human-like machine perception Vocalia is currently developing a cost-effective multimodular and multilingual platform in the cloud able to analyse, understand and interact with the user in a natural way which other companies can easily […]

June 2015

Virtual Agent

Online conversations with customers Vocalia is currently developing a Virtual Agent for online conversations with customers. This service will be available in the cloud and is able to analyze customers’ requests with a natural language […]

May 2015

Vocalia and Dict2me present in the social networks

Vocalia boosts its presence throughout the social networks. Indeed, we have just signed up for two others accounts available in Facebook and Twitter. The direct links to these websites are available below: Twitter @Vocalia_Tech: https://twitter.com/Vocalia_Tech @Dict2me: https://twitter.com/Dict2me Facebook Vocalia: https://www.facebook.com/vocaliatechnologies Follow […]

Segittur: Virtual Tourism Agent

Vocalia and Segittur are currently partnering up to develop a Virtual Tourism Agent. The VTA project presents the development of a Virtual Tourism Agent, susceptible to be marketed in the format of multimodal tourist information […]

Introduction of the Edinumen project

Vocalia and Edinumen are currently developing a empowerment tool of the spanish language for those who are not natives. The application uses semantic recognition and voice recognition by analyzing the student conversations in order to help […]

April 2015

Fi-Dict2me comes in

Fi-Dict2me project is currently being examined by the Soul-Fi commission in order to move on to the next step. Fi-Dict2me is a new kind of search engine available on the FIWARE platform. This is a […]