Dict2me. Changing the way of working

Dict2me is a voice dictation solution oriented to improve the productivity: speed up drafting documents, automates workflows, manage e-mails…
  • Operational with any application or business process: Office files, software CRM-ERP…
  • Specific dictionary: medical, legal, financial, logistic, business, communications…
  • Hands-free: with voice control of the production process


Specific solutions for Radiology, pathological anatomy, traumatology, intensive care… Plus the support of professional microphones available in the market.
Knowledge base with more than 50K reports in  Spanish.
Specific voice processing according to the surrounding environment, different languages, command mode or offline mode in case of absence of a signal.
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Dict2me Medical

Medical Reports Dictation.

Integration of corporate applications

API Rest-json and SDK in JavaScript.

Secure communications

Digital certificate, encrypted via AES/SSL…

Solution in the Cloud

Software as a service (no investment).

Dict2me, voice to text automatic recognition service