Welcome to Vocalia

Vocalia is a hi-tech company that operates since 2005 with a clear focus on the research and development of voice-centric technology solutions. In this line, Vocalia has developed a multimodal platform with a high degree of specialization, Dict2me, in order to lead the speech related market services in the cloud with innovative solutions:
  • Improvement of productivity and reduction of costs in medical and legal markets.
  • Facilitate the human-computer interaction.
  • Communication between people of different nationalities.
  • Transform the workplace for the Digital Age using the voice as key element of productivity.


To become the reference Human Computer interaction company in Europe starting commercial activities based on Voice Services.
  • To Facilitate Human Computer interaction using multi-device cloud services.
  • To supply Voice Solutions and services improving the productivity and accelerating the digital workplace transformation using the voice as productivity key factor.
  • To Reduce cost in every industry using cheaper and auto learning automatic speech recognition cloud services.
  • To make possible the communication & understanding between people talking different native languages.
  • To Develop new professional Carrier for voice technology experts.
  • To lead Voice solutions in Europe & Latin America, and expand internationally voice solutions around the world.
In Vocalia we work in a unitary way with the University, to create a university networking and a European Community of experts in the development of algorithms and disruptive technology to improve the current paradigm of human-machine interface.
Vocalia is born with a clear international focus, to go from the beginning of activities in Spain to Latin America and Europe (Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom,…).

Our Skills

R & D 90
Professional dictation services 95
Projects 85
Training 75


Research projects in the field of semantic, gestural recognition and conversational agents.
Selected as startup within the Innovation Program of Accenture.
Dict2me medical integrated with Actualmed PACS, cloud solution for the management of the DICOM information in radiology services.
Agreement for the participation of Enisa in Vocalia Technologies through a participatory loan from the Enisa competitiveness line.