In the Post-PC Era. At Vocalia we work in designing new human-machine interfaces, with voice and image as the new paradigms in the transformation of the workplace.

In cloud

With no investments. Vocalia Services are in cloud, not requiring hardware purchases, licensing, installation, or maintenance: software as a service.

For all

Wherever you are and whenever you want. Dict2me platform is accessible from any device, regardless of the operating system, application or location, for different languages.
January 2015. New functionality added to the Dict2me platform: professional dictation users can choose the service operation mode to be in cloud or local, allowing dictation without connection to the Internet.
July 2014. Enisa, venture capital agency dependent on the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, has valued the Vocalia Technologies project, approving their entry into our company under the formula of participating loan. In brief we formalise the entrance, with the satisfaction for us that prestige external entities as Enisa share our project.
Within the lines of collaboration with Accenture, Vocalia has being selected as start-up of high-tech innovative solutions in Accenture InnovAction Program and Marketplace with demostration scenarios in the Center of Excellence of Accenture on La Finca (Spain).

Why Vocalia

  • Low cost. With an excellent platform performance.
  • Security. Voice, text and images encrypted.
  • Specific dictionaries. The best recognition rate of the market.
  • Continuous improvement. Monitoring and continuous learning tools
  • Multi-. -Language, -OS, -Input, -Device, -Location, -online/offline
  • Help Desk and Functional Support Center